Fireplace Design

Great Looking Fireplace Designs

Fireplaces are an often overlooked aspect of home design that really deserve more attention. Not only can they have significant effects on the efficacy of a home’s insulation methods, but they can also serve a great decorative purpose if they’re carefully considered and built with attention to the surrounding décor and color palette. Here, we’ll take a look at a few novel ideas for custom fireplace designs that are definite eye-catchers. These design ideas can be huge boons from the standpoint of interior design, so if you’ve got some liberty in building, consider them.

Types of Fireplace Designs

Inserted fireplaces are fireplaces that are literally inserted into the wall. They often come with rather complex chimneys that incorporate their vents with the heating elements of the home, and are quite beautiful in their minimalistic look. The only downside to inserted fireplaces is that they can be difficult to build into homes that are already constructed, and so really have to be incorporated during the original building if they are to be built at a reasonable cost. If that’s not a problem, however, definitely think of inserted fireplaces.

Fireplace Design

Independent Fireplaces

Independent fireplaces, or free standing fireplaces, are an awesome custom fireplace design that consist of a heat-resistant plate placed somewhere on the home’s floor and a custom, specialized chimney built right over that plate. These are extremely attractive, and really draw double takes in a way that most other styles of fireplace simply cannot. The right deployment of an independent fireplace can add an incredibly sophisticated yet subtle stylistic touch to a well put-together home, and adds a lot to home equity by virtue of being a beautiful addition. These are common in colder climates and in modern homes, and can be deployed just about anywhere.

Suspended Fireplaces

Suspended fireplaces are similar to free-standing fireplaces in the sense that they can be deployed most places in a home and have their own custom chimneys to funnel smoke, but there’s a key difference. The fireplace comes in an ellipse with an opening, and this ellipse is “hung” from the ceiling by its chimney. This gives it the appearance of floating, with a flame visible from one side only. Suspended fireplaces make great additions to entertainment rooms or other large gathering places – they’re a great place to sit and talk, and do wonders for a room’s aesthetics.


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